A fascinating book with marketing insights for a stronger hr-policy.

According to Gallup, as many as 87% of employees do not feel engaged with their employer.

This new book from Herculean Alliance challenges leaders to take their engagement game to the next level using best practices from marketing. The book was written by authors Inge van Belle and Klaus Lommatzsch.

Klaus and Inge use corporate culture as a unique asset for a strong employer brand and as the catalyst for motivated employees and higher customer delight. The various drivers of employee engagement are examined in depth by experts and illustrated with examples from companies. In addition, the book contains a practical guide full of tips on how to get started yourself.

The book is currently being localised into a Middle East version.

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Interview with Dubai resident author.

About the authors.

Klaus Lommatzsch 

Breathes marketing and communication. He was one of the managing partners and CEO of Duval Guillaume, the renowned Belgian communication agency.

Since 2014, he has been a founding partner of Duval Union, an ecosystem of experienced marketing agencies and technology start-ups that aims to help companies in every field of marketing.

Inge & Klaus

Inge van Belle

Is passionate about communication and employee engagement. She's living in Dubai.

After her corporate career, she co-founded Herculean Alliance, known from the Hercules Trophy, organising engagement projects in ten countries. Inge is the initiator of the Employee Engagement Awards. She founded the Pink Ladies Games to contribute to the United Nations SDGs.


"A must-read for anyone who aspires to long-term happiness and involvement in the workplace."

- Jan Boone,
CEO Lotus Bakeries

"Mandatory reading for every leader who wants to win gold together with his team."

- Thomas Briels, Captain Red Lions Hockey Team

Olympic gold medalist.

"A theme that is super important for everyone in a leadership position, especially in these times. Great book!"

- Willem Hendrickx,
SVP International Vectra AI

"This is an absolute bull's eye! In these extraordinary times we need women and men who think and act differently."

- Bob Delbecque,
Founder Best of Belgium

"I'm happy with this book. It's about people, about the customer, about emotion and passion. This is what the world needs."

- Ignace Van Doorselaere,
CEO Neuhaus

"How do you express your appreciation during this difficult period? Certainly not with a bag of money, or bonusses. How to do it, you can read in the book by Inge and Klaus."

- Nathalie Arteel, Entrepreneur
Leading Angel Arteel Group

"What I like so much about the book is the company cases. You gain more insight into employee engagement in clear steps. This book reads like a novel. Moreover, I think Inge is a strong leading lady!"

- Goele Vermeeren,
CEO Master Meubel -Vitra Partner Store

"The book makes the connection with the well-known literature and models of Employee Experience. If you are not yet familiar with it, it will put you on the right track. If you already have experience, you will get a lot of ahas while reading. You will find a series of testimonials and practical cases that will give you ideas for your own environment."

- Anne Dobeni - Vonk Netwerk